Tuesday 12 May 2015

Nothing's gonna stop me #DBlogWeek

Just wanted to add my own quick post for #DBlogWeek. I haven't got much time to write at length or in a considered manner, but I just wanted to add my bit to this week and an obvious title is "Nothing's gonna stop me"

Not a very original title, in fact partly plagiarised from the title of an 80's power ballad classic by Jefferson Starship: Nothing's Gonna Stop us Now. Now there's an uplifting, mood-enhancing song. I defy anyone not to feel a bit better after hearing that!

But why that title now? Well, this time tomorrow (it's now Tuesday 12th May) I will be on board a ferry to St Malo, France, having driven down from Lancashire to Portsmouth. I am headed for Ancenis, the French twin town  of my home town.  As President of the Kirkham Twinning Association, I am leading a delegation from Kirkham attending a meet-up for Ascension Day weekend (a public holiday in France) together with our friends from Bad Bruckenau, the German town which is the third partner in our unusual three-way twinning arrangement.

Twinning is the subject for another blog, but for today, I just think it's a good moment to point out that Type One diabetes hasn't stopped me doing what I want to do in life - like driving to the Loire Valley in France and back as leader of a twin town delegation.

Of course, it's much more hassle travelling with diabetes. Packing and preparation for this or any journey involves planning and checking, since to forget insulin or blood testing equipment would be pretty disastrous.

But beyond that, it's perfectly possible. Over the coming three days, I will be attending events involving food and drink, possibly unpredictable and irregular, as well as helping translate and liaise between the peoples of these three towns. I will even be making a speech which I have had to write in three languages.

Plenty of opportunities there for diabetes to trip me up, but with sensible planning, good supplies of jelly babies and biscuits, as well as all the necessary medical stuff, I should be fine. I will also be accompanied by my faithful travelling companion for such trips, my (adult) daughter Rosie.

In other words, nothing's gonna stop me. Twitter followers will probably see some highlights of the weekend on my Twitter or a new one I've set up for the Kirkham Twinning Association 

So, for now, "Goodbye, Au Revoir, Auf Wiedersehen"

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